Real-Time 3D Rendering with Live Link.

We empower architects & designers to share immersive 3D experiences, encapsulating space, feel & textures. No Download Required.


Quality features

Exciting Features, Unified Platform

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Simple & Intuitive

No additional training required. Just upload 3D files from the 70+ supported formats, and we will send you a live link when ready.
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Collaborative & Efficient

Get everyone on the same page with live links. Use mobile based redlinging to collect feedback from all stakeholder onto a single space
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Speed & Quality

Accelerated rendering workflows powered entirely through the web browser. No complicated apps, or expensive hardware.

Core features

Smart integration Smarter Workflow

Xora eliminates the bottlenecks in the design approval process by enabling designers to instantly send out immersive experiences over the cloud that provides an immediate sense of space, scale, & feel of the design. This enables users to demystify their designs for key stakeholders, speed up the iterative design process, & conduct convenient internal design reviews.

Whats the function

Let’s see how it works


Design It

Use Navisworks, Revit, Sketchup, Rhino; Or any of your prefered 3D designing tools to work on your architecture and engineering models.

Upload It

Upload the raw files to our platform, to turn CAD models into AR experiences through live links.

Share It

Send live links over email, text, WhatsApp; No aditional mobile apps required. Give your audiance a sense of space, scale & feel immediately.

Review It

Collect 3D redline comments, feedback, notes, all in one place. Expedite your iterative design processes.

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Frequently asked question

How do I upload files to the platform ?
Once signed up, We will share an login details to the secure dashboard, where you can upload design documents, and access live links.
How long does it take to render a file ?
More complex file can take up to 5 minutes, most files are processed and shareable under 3 minutes.
How do I get started ?
Just click the Get Started button, and we can onboard you onto our pilot program.
What is the pricing ?
$50 for a three-month license, where we work alongside you and your organization to meet your rendering needs. During the first three months, we work directly to guarantee security, fluidity, and training to maximize the tool's effectiveness. We also measure the beta test outcomes to evaluate how our partnership can bring continual value to your organization.

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